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his unique strategy game takes place in a world separated into many connected islands, called Orions. You must battle the Orion Lords
defeating all that stand in your path in this world of Legendary Wizards.

You will fight using battle cards - monsters and spells, all unique not
only by appearance, but also by their amazing abilities. Meet Liches and Demons, Efreets and Hydras, Elves and Priests, Magic Elementals,
Unicorns and other legendary wizards and creatures!

Unique gameplay - collectible trading cards game combined with exploration strategy, never before in any other game.
Great replayability due to random world and deck generation. You can play this game for years, and still every fight will be unique.
6 Elemental schools - Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, Life. Each includes at least 12 cards and 15 buildings in it's own environment.
75 carefully crafted cards, each with unique abilities and spells. Amazing particle effects included!
Greatly suitable for short game sessions, too - a typical duel lasts 5-10 minutes.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update
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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! 148Apps.com by Perrin Stewart ... I've been waiting for a title like this for a long time. The style of play is perfectly suited for the iPhone ...
Best game i ever played so far. by NeverS...
...if your a magic the gather fan *MUST GET* ! ...
Owesome! by ITS.ru...
I played this game once, on my last mobile platform. I am very glad, that on iPhone comes more and more qualitative games from Russia and russian developers, that is pleasant doubly! :) ...
Seriously Great, New Favorite! by Specter800...
I have been waiting for a game like this forever! ...
Addicting. by The_Good_Names_Are_Always_T...  
This is one of the best game in the app store, without a doubt. If you have any interest in it at all, just buy it.
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