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Top 5 Most Popular Categories of Online Mobile Game

Playing online mobile games can provide hours of entertainment and fun. There are tons of different types of mobile games available that everyone will find their happiness. Even the retro players who want to play Donkey Kong, Paperboy or Super Mario, need only a simple Google search to find the pleasure of playing these legendary games. Whatever game you want to play, there will always be an online community with who you will be able to play with. But even if some mobile games and categories continue to grow and diversify, some genres have reached a peak of popularity and enjoy unshakeable success across many generations.

Here we made a list of the top five most popular mobile game categories

  • First Person Shooting (FPS)

Play games first-person shooters like PubG and Dead Trigger on your iOS or Android is amazing. You can connect with other players from around the world, join teams, or face them. The graphics are so realistic, and the action is non-stop. A kind of inescapable and very addictive. You can also find many war games and FPS for free.

  • Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games

Imagine yourself joining a community of millions in the same game as you. This is what massively multiplayer online (MMO) games will allow you to do. You can escape your reality and enter the fantastic world of your choice. You will make new friends, allies but also virtual enemies with whom you will be able to share interminable hours of excitement and adrenaline.

  • Mobile Casino

Why would you go to Las Vegas when you have the opportunity to play all the best casino games from your home or your job? If you want, you can play for real money or just test your skills for fun. One of the most popular online casino games is Blackjack. Each game exists in its classic version and many other variations that will delight all types of players. It’s worth to try your luck; you might win the casino bonus!

  • Sports Games

Maybe you think you're the best player or coach on your favorite team? Give it a try and test gaming and sports skills. Whether you play baseball, handball, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, or even bowling, you can log on to the leagues and tournaments at any time of the day or of the night and realize your dream of becoming a great player or a coach outstanding.

  • Arcade Games

The most popular arcade games such as Pac Man, Donkey kong, Space Invaders and Street Fighter have been a reborn on the internet, thanks to the emulators. There are tons of websites dedicated to retro games and players, offering all the titles that you or your parents have played as a child.

Of course, this short list is far from exhaustive and includes only the Top 5 most popular online game types until 2019. If you have different opinions that you would like to share with us, feel free to contact us!

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