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You are the hunter. Vampire hunter. Well, not quite. In fact, you are being hunted. Or you're just trying to survive a little more against the horde of Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Dracula himself.
Amazing graphics, Superlative animation.
8 different weapons: Gun, Rifle, Crossbow, Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun, Flamethrower, BFG and Blade Ripper
3 beautiful landscapes: Grave Park, Castle Hall and Frozen Earth
4 game modes: Survival, Rush, Super Survival and Wave attack
Perk System
Gameplay video
Customers reviews:
Excellent game!! by RhythmMan
Looks good, sounds good and it's action packed! The controls are perfect, and the game has depth for an arcade-style game. This sets a new standard for iPhone gaming!
Simply shocked. by Ironmanmoxi2...
This game blew me away. First off, the sound track is amazing, the 2d graphics are beautiful, and the overall game play is superb. The very unique controls are just simple genius. A lot better than the accel by a long shot, i can play this game laying down or leaning back without a problem...
Awesome game. by Bad Yeti
Tons of fun. Cool upgrade system. Fantastic controls.
Great App. by ViniciusBr
Really worth the money, Great Graphics, I can't stop playing it!
WOW!!!!! by Futuramadude
Crazy awesome game. All there is to say.
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