http://www.iphonesavior.com - In the iDracula game, you can believe that you're some Van Helsing, vampire hunter, but the truth is you're only flesh food for wild packs of Vampires, Werewolves and other kinds of undead. I quickly realized I was no Hugh Jackman, lasting only one minute before I was eaten alive in this intense shooter survival game.
http://macapper.com- If you're looking for fast-paced action, great atmosphere, and a narcotic-like addiction, you need to purchase iDracula.
http://www.pocketmobile.org - Overall, Moregames Ent. has done an incredible job in bringing us this shoot-em up game. A definitely must-have.
http://www.modojo.com - It's one of the iPhone's best games and a must buy.
http://arstechnica.com - iDracula-Undead Awakening - fast-paced survival shooter is simultaneously a great game and a great bargain!
http://www.iphonegamenetwork.com - iDracula is one of the best games on the iPhone now .
http://theappera.com - You'll find yourself completely hooked with the game. You'll strive to kill harder, faster and better to beat your previous scores.
http://www.slidetoplay.com - iDracula has room to grow in many ways, but it's so much fun to watch and play that we're giving it our highest score. .
http://www.appversity.com - iDracula is addictive, easy on the eyes, and will get your heart pounding faster than a double latte. Fans of action games, vampire or zombie games, even tower defense games will absolutely love this game and it's easily the best money you can spend on a game.
http://www.rustysabre.com - I honestly can't really think of a single thing to say that might keep me from playing the game. As a result, for only the second time in almost 180 reviews, I feel compelled to give this game the highest score possible. 10/10.
http://toucharcade.com - iDracula Hits #1 in AppStore. Congrats to MoreGames.
http://www.touchmyapps.com -The graphics are beautiful, the touchscreen control is perfect, and in all it's a game well worth grabbing.
http://wireless.ign.com - The control works better than we'd expect it to given iPhone's debatable virtual d-pad designs, the visuals are simply beautiful, and the amount of polish in this game is reminiscent of DS or budget PSP games...
http://www.brighthub.com - iDracula is a great shoot'em up game for the iPhone.
http://www.appvee.com -The game is great , graphics are perfect for the phone and the controls handle like an arcade game with the right "joystick" being the aim and fire!
http://www.gamersdailynews.com - I'm still amazed at the sporadic nature of the game, and just how much fun both of the game's modes are.
http://www.knowyourmobile.com - It's a slick, well-paced shooter with great controls, and it's hard to beat for a quick 15-minute gaming session.
http://iworld-club.com -.
http://russianiphone.ru - .
http://www.iphones.ru - ... Gameloft, Pangea EA....
http://www.thecareergamer.com - iDracula: technical postmortem.

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